Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It seems so odd to be asked why I support an Open Web. It's like asking, why do you care about human rights? Why do you want a better world?

I didn't join Mozilla because I specifically cared about the open web; I joined because I care about equality and access to education, and I realized that it's a very short skip-and-a-hop from one to the other: the open web allows for access to education. To defend one, you have to fight for the other. So that's why I #SupportOpen. Although Mozilla ran this campaign a while back, this is actually a year-round, eternal movement for Mozilla.

Our mission and manifesto are all about defending the open web, defending an unadulterated experience with the open web -- within our parameters of choice -- and supporting that right for others. Which is why I say, "I believe in an open web because it's where we express ourselves and were we learn from each other on a global scale. The web belongs to everyone -- not certain companies or governments; a closed web enslaves us to them. Because of this, it is our responsibility to ensure that the web stays open. " Of course, I SO believe in an open web that I've shared that in Spanish. But, you know, story for another time.